Helene Goldnadel is A Multi-talented Personality

Helene Goldnadel is a multi-talented actor, performer, singer, musician, producer, and published author.

She has been the owner of ICA a production company. She started in the music business at age 12.

She was a recording artist for EMI, and has since then produced many other performers.


As per acting, Helene is an acting coach with unprecedented results to her credit for   the children she works with. Helene is an American citizen from France and has a very accurate knowledge of both cultures. Very much an American, Helene Goldnadel enjoys visiting her birth city, Paris, and spending time with her family in France.


Helene Goldnadel has dedicated her life to children and the education which they receive at Helene Goldnadel’s acting institution.

She personally coaches personal growth and of course, singing. She has successfully placed outstanding graduates of her school’s for years.


Helene Goldnadel is also an animal activist and she has successfully helped save numerous dogs from the local shelters. “I don’t go pick the babies up myself, unfortunately”, She says. “Trained, dedicated rescues get the dogs out of the shelters and after the vet visit and care, those great souls, get them adopted by amazing families.” Helene helps pay for the vet. “They always need to be taken to the vet”, Helene says. She also helps the rescue with every day needs, such as food, doggie beds, etc…


“Those babies will never disappoint you”, Helene says. Dogs are faithful, but ADOPTED babies will be even more grateful forever. The bond between an adopted dog and her dog parent is incredible. Those babies just know that they owe you their lives. They are aware of the fact that if the rescuer or dog parent, had not shown up at the shelter, a lot of them high kill, they would have been killed. Gazed or shot a stick through the heart. That is the tough reality of the shelters.


Helene has written numerous articles about shelter animals. She has an education in French literature as well as in American English, from UCLA. She is also a Tony Robbins graduate and has completed almost all his programs and seminars.

Get more details about Ms. Goldnadel, visit here: http://helenegoldnadel.yolasite.com/