About Shakespearian Acting by Helene Goldnadel

Shakespeare began his education at the age of six when he joined the Stratford grammar school.There is no knowledge whether William Shakespeare got some insight into the level of drama and sensitivity which he brought to the craft, says Helene Goldnadel. What is certain is that his authorship and acting both reflected such celebrated methods of expression. Latin was the primary language of learning. Helene Goldnadel, explains. Although Shakespeare likely had some lessons in English, there were many studies of Latin authors like Seneca, Cicero, Ovid, Virgil, and Horace


All of that exposed Shakespeare to such focus, as per his literary training.
Shakespearean acting is synonymous to drama says Helene Goldnadel. There are no actors, displaying a high level of sensitivity and expression, who have not studied Shakespeare’s dramatic performance, says Helene Goldnadel. I guaranty you, says the renowned teacher that such delivery does not come naturally. Even if a child has dramatic and performance base natural abilities, they would be incapable of nailing such level of high extreme display of affection. Pain. Suffering. Not mentioning that joy can also be expressed at a Shakespearean level of intensity. Joy becomes sorrow sometime.


In the Shakespearean experience there is little left to be desired in terms of drama. Happy endings, Helene Goldnadel says, not so much.